Victor Cascone

Operations Manager at Cascone’s Restaurant

cascone-chef250In the restaurant industry for a venue to be successful owners and management must have passion and enthusiasm for the business. From the minute one meets Victor Cascone, a third generation member of that family’s KC food dynasty, it’s clear that he possesses those qualities in abundance. They serve him well in his “many hats” role as operations manager of the Cascone’s 60+ year old restaurant on North Oak as well as in the processing plant for their popular retail product lines of pasta sauces and salad dressings.



Victor, growing up as a “restaurant kid,'” celebrated family dinners and big holidays and occasions in the restaurant, sometimes doing homework at a table in the lounge and falling asleep on a banquette when Mom & Dad both had a late shift. He learned the business from the ground up helping with just about every task and then in High School [Rockhurst Class of ’90] he held down the saute` station in the kitchen most every Wednesday night and Saturday. He also got to know the steady stream of regulars [many extended family & friends] as well as staff who eventually became just like family. He says: “what makes Cascone’s special for me is the family behind it and the attentiveness to the guests who are drawn into that circle; you know, the folks you end up inviting to your wedding.”


One of the first lessons that Victor learned about managing a successful restaurant came from his Dad Frank & his Uncle Jimmy. One message he was always hearing growing up was that “every day is the first day you open” so you need to make the most of it. With that clearly in heart and mind the Cascone family down to this third generation has “quality assurance” built into its DNA. And that value is shared with their entire staff from busboys and wait staff to cooks, as well as management.


Cascone’s leadership has clearly been doing it right for decades; but as Victor says: “we are evolving; embracing trends that blend with our traditional values and reaching out to new generations of diners to invite them into our family experience.” Specifically, folks might begin to see some new labeling [a branding element] on their grocery products. They might anticipate even more fresh.


I asked Victor what last thoughts he would like to leave with our readers. Without hesitation he said: “Thank you.” Tell them “thank you for being our customers; for visiting us and seeing what our family does – create food as an experience that showcases what we do at home, sharing our family with yours.” It’s pretty clear to see that he means that — the emotion shows in his voice. when he arrived for our interview, he made a few stops on the way to the table to shake hands and hug a few of the smiling lunch regulars. They greeted him & were clearly pleased to receive his attention, punctuated by his sincere gratitude. So passion, enthusiasm and gratitude – three key values that you can expect from Victor and his family. Come share the Cascone family experience with their thanks!