The Roasterie’s Naturally Flavored Cold Brews

This month we depart from our usual format of sharing a recipe as we help our member Roasterie Cafes introduce their 3 new naturally flavored Cold Brew coffees: Chocolate Raspberry, Lavender Wild, and All Hopped Up.  So instead of a recipe, Craig Park, the Roasterie’s Green Coffee Buyer, offers a couple of suggestions regarding drinking these exciting new offerings.   

Craig admits that “the canned cold brews appeal primarily to customers who already  appreciate their coffee cold or iced, so for many others it will be an acquired taste.”  However, as he points out “the cold brewing process results in a purer coffee experience; less watered down than iced, and continues to win over hot coffee aficionados.”  Drinking these brews cold out of the can may seem strange but it is the best way.  In the brewing process the intense coffee syrup is blended with the natural flavored syrups and ice cold filtered water; then packaged in cans, all without adding any sugars [natural or artificial]  or preservatives, so their are 0 calories, 0 additives in the product. 

The Chocolate Raspberry has a sweeter tone on the palate [despite being sweetener free] so Craig thinks this is a great accompaniment to sweeter food items, breakfast treats or heavier desserts.  On the other hand, the Lavender Wild’s herbal and floral notes would most likely pair well with more savory types of foods.  The earthy “All Hopped Up” is more of beer lover’s kind of fare, and Craig again suggests the savory route.   

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