Salade Nicoise

This iconic salad, as the name indicates, is prepared in the style of Nice, typifying the cuisine found in and around that French Riviera city. This cooking style is identified with hot and cold dishes that include the integral ingredients of tomatoes, black olives , garlic and anchovies. In this recipe the anchovies are omitted but may certainly be added per your taste and that of your guests.

Ingredients [quantities are approximate]
Hgh quality tuna packed in olive oil [approx 2-3 oz per person] Boiled baby new potatoes [2-3 person] French green beans blanched [5-6 per person] Hard boiled egg (organic is best!) – [1 per person sliced] Fresh tomatoes (any variety works) [4-6 oz. per person] Nicoise [black] olives [3-5 whole or sliced per person] Thinly sliced onion [sweet red or white ] Fresh parsley
Bibb Lettuce or your favorite Garden Greens as a base


Assemble ingredients on a bed of your favorite organic greens, we use Bibb lettuce but any variety is great! This salad may be arranged in individual portions or served on a large platter to be shared. Drizzle it with a simple Lemon vinaigrette (olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt & pepper and Dijon mustard) or any light acidic salad dressing.

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