Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes from Pierpont’s at Union Station

matt-barnesMatt Barnes is the Executive Chef at Pierpont’s at Union Station, promoted from within, and a recent graduate of the well respected Johnson County Community College Culinary Program. Matt is married and the father of small kiddos, so when asked if he cooked at home or what he cooked at home…and if he is too exhausted to cook at home; he quickly responded that the one “go to” item in his fridge is dough for some kind of homemade pasta. That’s his quick family pleasing meal plan…just roll out a little home made pasta and whip up a quick pasta dish. As for dining out and what cuisine he goes for…well, he does like some of the more unusual ingredients, organ meats etc … and appreciates chefs with talent in that area.

pierpontsIn Matt’s kitchen no detail is too small, and research/ with experimental trials is key to creating some of the dishes and menus For example – he says that unique items for the specialty menu offered during the recent King Tut exhibit was created from ingredients and dishes served in ancient Egypt, but with a twist to appeal to the modern palate. Co-workers describe him as patient, precise and not easily ruffled. He aims to impress and it is very personal for him. He is quiet in his leadership style…and may sit back and observe – and once he is comfortable, he gets a competitive vibe going with an “I would do it this way” attitude. One Chef Matt’s favorite things is creating menus for special events like the King Tut exhibit or the upcoming Longshadows Project 5 course wine dinner [9/17/2014]. It’s a very exciting menu with lamb sausage stuffed quail, cured arctic char with pear confit, and an Akaushi beef tenderloin with chanterelle mushrooms. Matt works closely with General Manager, Tim Watters to make decisions they feel best represent the Pierpont’s brand and with wine pairings in mind. It’s a team project to be sure!