Lulu’s Pork Larb Recipe

Larb [LARB] A spicy meat salad popular in Laos [considered to be it’s national dish] and Thailand.  Larb is made with minded or ground meat and seasoned with  various flavorings with can include fish sauce, lime juice, chiles, mint, and green onion. A variety of meats can be used and there are also seafood varieties. The meat and flavorings are typically stir-fried together; then the served warm or at room temperature over lettuce, cabbage or an assortment of vegetables. Larb is often served with sticky rice to create a fuller meal.


Lulu’s version is derived from her Thai Dad’s family recipe with some adjustments for the American palate. It’s quite a filling lunch option that you are sure to love!



1 lb. – Cooked Ground Pork
4 ounce – Julienned Red Onion
Tbsp – Small Biased scallion
Tbsp – Rough Chopped Cilantro
Tbsp – Rough Chopped Mint
1 each – Juice of Lime
2 ounce – Thin Soy Sauce
Lulu’s Rice Powder
Chili Flake to taste
Ice berg lettuce leaves stacked together to make a bowl.


Lulu’s Rice Powder:
1 Tsp red Curry Paste (add more to taste)
6 Kaffir Lime Leaves Julienned
1 beaten egg




Mix Lulu’s Rice powder ingredients together and bake until brown in a slow oven. Finely chop the baked rice powder, add remaining ingredients and serve warm in a bowl of iceberg lettuce.


Yields: 3-4 portions


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