Grinders [Crossroads] Big Ass Triple Smash’d Burger


12 oz 80/20 Course ground beef (3) 1/4 lb. patties
3 Slices of Cheddar Cheese
3 Slices Kosher dill pickles
1 White hamburger bun
1 fl. oz ketchup
1 fl. ounce mustard
1 oz. Shredded lettuce
1/10 oz Grinders Seasoning (Kosher Salt and black pepper) 4 parts to 1



Every Grinders Smash’d burger is hand pressed and seasoned, then cooked to order. It’s then topped with melty hand sliced cheese served on a soft hamburger bun that is basted with mustard and ketchup. Add a layer of pickles and lettuce then stacked with the burger, and a topped soft bun. Burgers are served with “ho” made potato chips that are sliced and cooked fresh daily. Fries are a great choice as well.

You can certainly prepare this at home but then you miss all the fun and funky ambiance that is paired with the incredible Grinders service staff that makes the experience complete.

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