Executive Chef Daniel White

Executive Chef Daniel White from Trezo Vino Wine Bistro

chefExecutive Chef Daniel White has worked with Trezo Vino since it opened nearly three years ago. While attending a high school culinary program at Northland Career Center he visited a job fair where Johnson County Community College’s culinary school recommended working in the field for a couple of years before entering a program. So White worked at PB&J’s Paradise Grill and, at age 19, helped to re-open the restaurant as assistant chef when it transformed to Yia Yia’s. He subsequently attended Le Cordon Bleu, in Scottsdale, AZ and then, during an extended visit to Kansas City, PB&J asked him to be the chef at Grand Street Café. Trezo Vino followed.

trezovino“My cooking style is typically simple cooking done with proper technique, such as just how far to sear or poach food,” White says. “And we offer some unique items to educate the public incluing fried calamari made with calamari steak, or confit – which means to cook or store in fat. But confit is also aging that produces more flavor.”