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Patrick WilliamsPatrick Williams from Pierpont's at Union Station
Posted: 01/1/2009

Currently a chef at Pierpont's at Union Station, Leavenworth native, Patrick Williams, previously worked at Kansas City's American Restaurant, Milano and Joe D's, as well as Harry's, in Manhattan, KS. Pierpont's is well known for its top quality steaks and seafood, and several signature steaks have changed since Williams arrived. He has tried to make seafood offerings more ?accessible,' and buys fish during its best season. Williams changes his plate presentations seasonally, and his favorite cooking styles also influence the menu, including Italian, Creole and Southwestern cuisine.

Pierpont's at Union Station

While always focusing on delicious food, Williams likes contrast in his dishes, such as crunchy versus soft textures or sweet versus bitter flavors. ?But [it?s] food you don?t have to think about ? that let?s you enjoy the moment,? he says.