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Executive Chef Nolle BondExecutive Chef Nolle Bond from The Drop Bar and Bistro
Posted: 05/1/2011

Executive Chef Nolle Bond joined the team at The Drop in fall 2010. At age 16, he'd begun his first restaurant job as a server, and occasionally cut or sautéed ingredients. Bond worked briefly in a chain restaurant, and then spent four years as a cook at Grinder's. But when the executive chef position at The Drop developed, Bond welcomed the challenge. "I was looking to do something different and [the restaurant's] chef was looking to make a move," he says.

The Drop Bar and Bistro

Bond thoroughly enjoys the creative outlet that cooking provides. "We offer food that is simply prepared, with really good ingredients, and a little 'sparkle,' from a veal demi glaze with red wine reduction infused with rosemary, served with our steak, to fried apple chutney with our pork chop. It changes a plate to a unique dining experience," he says. "Just because it isn't traditionally used in a dish doesn't mean it won't work. As long as I'm happy with a dish and the people I'm serving are happy, too, it's a good dish."