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The New & Improved Broadmoor BistroThe New & Improved Broadmoor Bistro from The Broadmoor Bistro
Posted: 08/3/2017

The Bistro program was very proud of their old space on 81st Street, but this state of the art facility of over 11,000 square feet showcases the school district's commitment to fostering this highly successful career education program which prepares junior and senior high school students for further culinary education and enables them to step directly into the job market with skills leaned not only in the classroom, kitchens and bakery, but direct experience operating restaurant and bakery programs.

We spoke with Chef Bob Brassard, the founder and Culinary Education Director of the program as well Chef Justin Hoffman, a fellow instructor and Director of the Restaurant Management program. Needless to say, both of them are over the moon with excitement about the opportunities the new space affords them to nurture the dreams of future chefs, bakers and culinary entrepreneurs with the best resources available.  Walking through the new space which is still in move-in and construction mode; it's clear that tremendous thought and creativity went into design and the amazing potential is clear.  

Chef Bob tells us that the bakery and coffee service will be available daily from 7 AM to Noon to serve faculty, staff, students and the general public. Of course, regular Broadmoor Bistro dining will begin on Wednesday nights throughout the school year beginning in early September.  Those tasty 4 course menus are only $30 per person and include espresso, teas, infused still and sparkling waters. Sorry, non-alcoholic only; but the food is so good, you'll never miss it. With an amazing new sound system there will be the possibility for live music at the weekly dinners as well as special events.  That's another new feature this year Chef Bob is looking forward to - event catering.  He says that "the Bistro will be able to host and cater a wide variety of special events at the center and around the community - event planning and management is built into the learning curriculum."  

The Broadmoor Bistro

There is much anticipation and excitement in his voice as he tells about all the new equipment that they will be learning ahead of and together with the students.  "Every day is bringing something new and we look forward with anticipation to what will happen tomorrow."  They have moved the garden space to the new site as well and Bob is thrilled they will have a large 1.5 acre farm to continue their fresh, farm to table sourcing of menu items, grown right outside the back door of the kitchen.  And for Bob, that garden is a metaphor for what the Bistro education program does, "plant seeds with great hope for the future."

Justin Hoffman, who is also a former graduate of the Broadmoor Bistro program is equally excited about the great potential the move imparts. "The new space positions the Bistro to get the attention that it deserves" from the community, and he is "very grateful for such amazing District support." The program has been growing continuously for 8+ years and now has 80 students registered in the 2 year program this year and expects to grow to perhaps 150 in 2018.  They have expanded the learning space and added new staff to accommodate the bump.  Chef John Dallen, who opened the well-remembered "Taste" in downtown OP, joins the staff this year and he will assist in training students on dining room management, catering events, and oversee the OP Farmer's Market outreach.  He's also a BB graduate from it's first class.

It's hard to capture all the amazing things that the Bistro will be doing in this coming year, so the chefs [Bob, Justin & John] wanted us to be sure and invite you to come on out and experience Broadmoor Bistro for yourself.  As a KC Original member you can earn points on your purchases [although as an added support we don't let you redeem points there] and the experience is well-worth it. You will marvel at the quality of the food and the poise of the students who prepare and serve your meals.  As Chef Bob remarked as we were leaving, "the first 8 years were terrific, but now Broadmoor Bistro is all grown up and has a marvelous opportunity to explore many more new ideas that make for a great restaurant."