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Mike WernerMike Werner from The Jacobson
Posted: 09/6/2017

Mike Werner - Managing Partner at The Jacobson – Sept 2017

Nestled in the heart of the vibrant KC Crossroads District at 20th and Central, The Jacobson is another KC Originals great success story  growing and thriving in its 5th year.  Named after the building and business that once occupied this space, The Jacobson is known for its innovative food and beverage program, casual yet hip and comfortable ambiance, and arguably one of KC's finest urban patio spaces. And, according to Mike Werner, the Managing Partner of the local Leap Hospitality  that owns and operates this  urban oasis, "capturing the Crossroads experience and showcasing what Urban KC has to offer" is what  it's all about and the key to their success.

We sat down with Mike over lunch and devoured some of The Jacobson's superb food, while he shared great stories about growing up in a family immersed in the food and entertainment industry in the northern Great Lakes region.  We highly recommend the Indian Summer Salad [we added some grilled Salmon]; although throughout the meal it was hard not to lust after the Fish Tacos that Mike ordered. They looked totally delicious as well.  And the table next to us had Burgers [a house specialty] - they are a meat lover's  juicy indulgence to be sure and also totally tempting. But we digress.

Mike grew up on the family farm in northern Ohio and he tells us the lessons learned there informed his work experience and permeate what makes him and his restaurants click most successfully. "Food," he says, "is all about involvement and engagement. Whether you are happy or sad;  those moments can be improved and enhanced with food."  For Mike, appreciating the value of food and truly sharing a meal is central, and for him, the restaurant becomes the family table.  Throughout his career he has designed and implemented restaurant concepts , particularly the Jacobson,  "where every day you have the opportunity to make food [and beverages] special; and the job is to create lasting memories."  Justifiably, he is very proud of how The Jacobson  and its staff have  stood up to that goal.

The Jacobson

In particular Mike is excited about some recent developments  that bode well for the future.  In recent months they have brought on some new talent in the kitchen that is  generating some freshness in the design and presentation of all their menu.  You can look for these influences to appear with the new Fall season offerings that are being rolled out now with even greater emphasis on  small shareable items [Mingles]  as well as in the entree features that created with a mind to share-ability.  Another new feature for The Jacobson is being open for Brunch  on Saturdays and Sundays which appeals to local condo and loft dwellers as well as suburbanites in search of an urban adventure.  Sounds like we need to make a reservation soon.

Devouring the last bites of lunch Mike was  eager us to give us a tour of the newest thing at the Jacobson, their 100+ seat event space  called "Central."  Newly renovated this last year, this space formerly housed a small not-for profit.  Mike says, "it's intended as highly flexible space the can  accommodate a wide variety of activities" from business meetings to intimate family celebrations. Equipped with state of the art audio-visual  technology it has  a full-service bar.  The Jacobson will also host it's own special events [pop-up dinners, wine & liquor tastings, and other creative and interactive gatherings].  Since opening it's been booked steadily attesting to the popularity  of The Jacobson and the ability of their staff to welcome their guests and deliver top-notch customer service.

Clearly there is a great deal to be appreciated at The Jacobson , not the least of which is the talented and visionary leadership of Mike Werner.  He'll be blushing as he reads  since he constantly raves about the quality of the service team that surrounds him.  But he would be inviting you to come and join them all at The Jacobson "family table."   There is much to experience and they know how to make it memorable!