Chef Jesus Almos

Chef Jesus Almos from Piropos


Executive Chef Jesus Almos has worked for Piropos Restaurant and Piropos Grill for nine years. When he started washing restaurant dishes, as a teenager, Almos had no idea he had begun a lifelong career path. Almos has worked as a line cook, and directed front of the house operations. He was lead cook at Hannah Bistro (closed), held the sous chef position at Frondizi’s, helped to open Café Provence, and worked at several other local restaurants, including Capital Grille. Almos and his current staff create Argentinean food – a mix of Italian, French and traditional Argentinean dishes, which is not overly spicy and features lots of meat.


“I’m a food and wine guy and I love to match wines with food,” Almos says. “I use fresh products as much as possible for the restaurant, and always go to farmers markets. We also change our menu seasonally.”
Almos realized how much he liked the restaurant business at around age 19 or 20. “I don’t think I could do anything else,” he says.