Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Shrimp with Mandarin Orange & Fennel Salad

Em Chamas’ Mandarin Orange & Fennel Salad

(1) small can Mandarin Oranges
(1) lime [juiced] (1/4) cup Fennel sliced thin
(1) Tbsp Red Onion [diced] (1) Tbsp Scallion [diced] (1/2) Tsp White Vinegar
(1/2) Tsp Sugar
(1/4) Tsp Kosher Salt

Mix lime juice, vinegar, and sugar in a small mixing bowl until sugar is dissolved. Add all other ingredients and toss in the vinaigrette.


Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

(3] 16/20 sized peeled & deveined shrimp
(3) slices of high quality bacon
(3) slices of jalapeno [deseeded & julienne cut] (1) 6″ bamboo skewer

Lay bacon strip down flat; then lay a piece of shrimp 1/4 of the way from the bottom. Add a piece of jalapeno; then wrap the bacon all over the shrimp & secure with a skewer. Repeat for the remaining two shrimp. Grill until bacon is crisp all round.


Chipotle Aoli

(2) Tbsp Mayonnaise
(1) Tsp Chipotle Puree

Mix together & serve on the side.

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