Anourom Thomson

Anourom Thomson from Hereford House

kco_chef_sept10When Anourom Thomson began working as an apprentice at the Hereford House location in Leawood, in 1998, little did he know that he had begun a long term career with the Anderson Restaurant Group. During the last 12 years, Thomson has worked as an assistant chef and executive chef at the Hereford House in downtown Kansas City, Mo and executive chef for the Shawnee location. He also was a sous chef in the Pierpont’s kitchen at Union Station. Thomson moved to the Hereford House in Independence about a month ago.

hereford“My mom was a great cook and I started watching her,” Thomson says. “I was cooking for myself by seven or eight years old. I could probably live off of Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) and green papaya salad.” Thomson likes to use very fresh products and he minimizes butter sauces. “I don’t like to feel as if I can’t move after a meal. I’m working to be consistent in the [restaurant] kitchen and making a great quality of food.”